Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Signs Your Chimney Needs Repairs

Sometimes you can see signs that your chimney is in need of repairs. However, it is not always possible just to look at it and see problems. There are other ways to tell. If excess moisture is present in the chimney, the area around your fireplace could show signs, such as wallpaper that comes loose from the wall or a damper that becomes difficult to open or close. What are some of the other signs of problems?

The Mortar Joints

The mortar joints should be inspected regularly. If they become damaged, it could cause more extensive problems. Small cracks in the bricks will soak up moisture, and this causes them to become bigger. The problem is accelerated when the weather gets cold, and the water freezes. Then it warms up, and the water thaws. This can cause the chimney to fall in.

Another problem that can result in damage to bricks caused by water is called spalling. If you have noticed chunks of masonry falling off your chimney, this could be the problem. When it is not repaired, eventually the chimney will keep crumbling and fall apart. One example of a company that offers brick repair annapolis md is Complete Chimneys.

The Damper

Moisture can cause many problems when it comes to your chimney. It can also be the reason your damper is not staying open or closed. The damper is supposed to seal when it is closed. If it is rusted, this is another sign there is too much moisture. If moisture is causing rusting, this can also contribute to cracked flue tiles. This creates a dangerous situation because it could cause your house to catch on fire from excess heat.

Having your chimney inspected and cleaned on a regular basis can help to uncover small problems before they have a chance to cause major damage. They will be far less expensive to fix than replacing the entire chimney. Cleaning the chimney helps to protect your home from the risk of a house fire.


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