Monday, March 11, 2019

Getting Around Galveston the Easy Way

Traveling To Galveston?

Whether business or pleasure takes to Galveston, TX, you need an easy method of transportation. The Galveston Shuttle is a reliable fleet that can easily take you from the airport to your next destination. They offer a bus, minibus, and a van for your transportation preferences. All you need to do is buy a ticket. In addition, you can also hire them for a day or series of days to shuttle you around the city of Galveston. With plenty to do and see, you're likely going to need a reliable source of transport. Here a few things you can do in Galveston that you may want your Galveston Shuttle to take you to.

Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier

No trip to Galveston is complete without spending some time on the famous Pleasure Pier on Galveston Island. This pier has the old games and arcades that you should be familiar with from the classic pier days. Your Galveston Shuttle can quickly take you to the pier and pick you up after you've had your fill of food, drinks, and fun games. The gorgeous water is certainly something to take in, too.

Schlitterbahn Waterpark

If you love the water, then you should head over to the Schlitterbahn Waterpark. This amusement attraction is open year-round, so you can always count on some fun under the sun. After renting your fleet on, you can easily be driven right over without worrying about the hassle of driving or parking. Then you can have a great time on the water slides or just relaxing in a comfortable chair and taking in the sun.

Local Restaurants/Bars

One last use that your shuttle can really help you out in is bar hopping. Galveston has a ton of bars and restaurants. You can have your fill of both while relying on your experienced driver in your Galveston Shuttle to get you to the next bar.


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