Sunday, May 31, 2015

Basic Used Boat Improvements: Tips for New Owners

Buying a used boat is a great way to save money, and chances are you couldn’t have afforded the boat you really wanted if you had to buy it new from a showroom or dealership. That’s the great part about buying used boats!

However, when you get a used boat you probably don’t have all of the accessories that you want, and your boat might need some upgrades. If you got a really good price on your boat you may even have to put in a few months of work before it’s ready for the water.
No matter what shape your boat is in, these improvements can make yours better and more valuable. Remember – resale value matters, even if you aren’t planning on selling right away.

Metal Parts

Metal parts are the first to rust on most boats, especially those exposed to water that contains a fair amount of salt. When it comes to your own personal safety and the safety of anybody who gets on your boat, replacing these when you acquire a used vessel is often a good idea.
For example, you should replace things like swim ladders if there appears to be any damage at all. You don’t want a catastrophe to happen just to save a few dollars.

Improve the Paint

Your used boat, whether it’s in good shape or not, could probably use a new coat of paint. To really make yours stand out you should opt for premium paint.
A unique color or stripe can even improve the ‘wow factor’ and resale value of your boat right away.


Sunday, May 17, 2015

Investing in Musical Instruments

Musical instruments can be considered as big investments especially if you plan to own the newer models, have the latest features and are made by major manufacturers. But is you are a novice guitarist who wants to learn first the basics of guitar playing and you have a limited budget, then you can consider buying a basic guitar or a pre-owned guitar first. Once you’ve decided that playing the guitar is more than just a hobby and you want to be a professional guitarist, then you can start saving up for more advanced models such as paul reed smith guitars so that you can have the type of guitar that suits your guitar playing skills.

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