Sunday, August 31, 2014

Back to School 2014

A week of school just passed by and the kids seem to be happy and well adjusted in their new school. I have mentioned in my previous post that we transferred the children to a better school. The tuition kind of expensive but we found a way and perhaps we will be doing a bunch of volunteering and fundraising. Anyway, they both look so adorable in their new uniform and neat. How about you guys, how's your kiddo first day or week of school?


Organize with style

How many electrical outlet do you have at home? In our living room we have almost 10 electrical outlet and couple of them we used it with the computer, cable, TV and other devices. Thus the need for cable ties is needed to keep everything in order and organize. Cable tie comes in different color, style and size. You can buy in bulk so you have a lot of spare tie. A single wire won't work anymore in most household. With tons of electronics and devices used every day, you need quality wiring as well as cable ties to keep all the cable wires in a safe spot and less hazardous. Looking for cable ties - click here to buy the things you need. All these wiring can be fire hazardous. Nothing wrong with being cautious. It also give you the peace of mind if the material you bought are quality and efficient.

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