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Choosing the Right Event Planner

Deciding to hire an event planner can remove a lot of the headaches and grunt work surrounding an event of any size. However, in such a crowded market full of diverse and relevant options, choosing the right event planner can be a sizeable job. Searching through event planning companies NYC, for example, can be a daunting task. Here are some tips for selecting the correct company to ensure your event is something guests talk about for the years to come.


Whether you are having a wedding, a networking event, a bar mitzvah, or throwing a lavish charity gala, chances are there is a firm that specializes in this type of event and has extensive experience pulling off exactly the things you are dreaming up. Looking for an event planning company based on their track record and expertise is the best way to start since the requirements for different styles of events can vary wildly.

What’s Included

Some event planners offer a low price, only to tack on an additional fee for every service imaginable. While this is a smart way to do pricing since you won’t pay for anything you don’t need, seeing a full rate sheet before committing to an event planner is crucial to not going over your budget. If you discover more fees than you expected, consider complimenting the event planner’s services with another firm’s offerings, such as an independent photographer or caterer. Make sure your event planner’s policies allow this before contracting their help.


You will probably end up having regular communication with your event planner and must work through numerous scenarios and options together. Making sure you have compatible personalities is as important to your success as any policy or financial information about the planning firm. Hiring an event planner who doesn’t understand your tastes or desires will lead to changes and potentially even confrontation during the planning process that could hinder your overall event’s image and perfection.


Be Prepared – Make Your Home Safer

While they say the best defense is a good offense, that doesn’t mean defense isn’t important. Imagine if the defensive line of your favorite football team didn’t show up. They would lose badly. Defense is important and it’s especially critical when you’re talking about your home. Here are three tips for improving the defense of your home.

Install a Home Security System

Installing a home security system is a great way to start making your house safer. A good system will include outdoor security lighting, door and window sensors, motion sensors, cameras and a loud alarm. It will be connected directly to the police department who will be notified if there’s ever an issue. One of the most important components is a sign outside that says an alarm system protects your house. That alone tends to deter a lot of criminals.

Purchase Ballistic Shields

It’s a sad fact that many urban areas are prone to gun violence. Shootings in the street, burglaries and drive-by shootings are all too common in many cities. A way to protect yourself and your family from bullets is an important item to have. While police use ballistic shields all the time, did you know that you can buy a civilian ballistic shield of your own? These shields are effective against some of the most common handguns around and will keep you and your loved ones safe.

Build a Safe Room

Though not possible in all homes, a safe room is an amazing piece of home security. A safe room is a place you and your family can go in case an intruder enters your home. You can build a safe room on almost any budget. This can be as simple as a room that has extra reinforcement in the walls and doors, to one that is bullet-proof and has a dedicated air supply and generator. A safe room is a great way to protect your family.

If you
want to be prepared for whatever may come your way, consider implementing the above tips into your home today.

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