Sunday, February 15, 2015

Make Noise for New Year

Well, the title of the post sounds way way way late. It's February already which obviously and clearly shows that new year is over and even the Valentines day was also over. I just thought of new year when I saw this most exotic snare online which will make a great source of noise to make when the ball drops. Anyhow, this snare drums will not only good for any new year noise maker but for music of course. You little drummer would probably love to have a new snare drum that is customize, nice and sound fancy. If you are in the market of buying new drums for the band, any music group or organization then take advantage of this chance to buy snare drum for less. Check out the link provided and browse around. Have fun!


Blog Post #1 for 2015

Oh em geeee! Lazy much. Christmas and New year had passed and I just posted now my first blog post for this year 2015. I mean it's already February. I totally blogged out as in neglected all my blogs to the fullest. Well, after this post I am not if there's another one for tomorrow or will I be able to keep up. Meanwhile, it's kind of 2 months overdue to talk about last year but I'm gonna share anyway. 2014 I can say was kind of alright. We enrolled the children to the private school and I started working part time. It was pretty smooth and laid down. Although, last year I get tired all the time after work and that's when I started getting lazy and mostly MIA in all my blog. There were a few blogs of mine that I updated once in a random long while and there were some that were totally forgotten. There is also one blog review from last year which up until now hasn't done yet and I truly hope to finish it before the month of February ends. So, finger cross to me.

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