Thursday, November 20, 2014

Musical Shopping Online

Everything is already evolving from technology to Internet. As a matter of fact some of us are becoming so dependent with Internet. We used Internet in all our searching instead of going to the library to do some research to find information we want to know. All you have to is search the topic on the net, type in the word and different links will show up. You can even make use of the net to earn money by writing post and you will get compensated with it. You can search everything and anything such as music, movies, video and more. Speaking of music, you can also find online quality musical instrument with sure Money Back Guarantee. I got curious of the price so, I browsed around on the net for guitar and music sheet. I found cools instrument at a very reasonable prices. Do your shopping online including musical and other important things. If there is an specific features you look for an instrument then click on the link provided. Check it out now for more details and information.


Egg with Vinegar

Last summer while the kids participated in one of reading activity at the library we go the chance to learn new experiment. I went online to look for easy experiment that the kids can follow. I read about egg and vinegar and I thought it was pretty amazing. Watching how the egg shell bubbled up and disappeared quiet interesting. The kids too were interested with the result. Check out this “naked egg” which means an egg that has no shell. You can find this experiment on youtube and online for explanation.
Procedure: Place the egg in a tall glass or jar and cover the egg with vinegar. Wait a few minutes and look at the jar.

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