Monday, December 14, 2009

Long Distance Call

Calling long distance is quiet expensive if you use cell phones or land line phone. We used our landline phone before to talk to my family back home. But when we moved to that last apartment that we just moved out last summer, our landline connection got disconnected due to bad wiring. Since then, we used cell phones for domestic and international calls. We just have to buy International Calling Cards for international call especially when we call my family back home in the Philippines. We can buy calling cards for $2 and used it for 15 minutes call. I think calling cards is better than landline phone calls or cell phones as we can keep track of the minutes. Plus calling cards are practical and convenient. Last week we bought a $5 worth calling card for long distance call to the Philippines and we still have 20 minutes left on it. We will probably use it when we send money next month or use it to greet my family on Christmas time perhaps.


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