Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bike Business

Today we spent the whole day looking for bikes that Joe can use this summer. Bicycling is a very good exercise to stay fit and healthy. We used to ride bike three years ago but then it stopped because I got pregnant with the second baby right away the next year and our hands got full with lot of things. Now that our kids are getting bigger we would like to go back on track and get back on shape as well. So anyhow, we went to Slippery Rock because Mary knows someone in Franklin who sells bike, car rack, bike carriage for baby, and more. They also sell roller blades or rent to someone. The store actually look so simple outside but it is bigger inside with so much bikes and stuff to choose from on their display. We drove going to Franklin with Mary and got a great deal with the things we bought because they know each other and it was on sale. I would say his private business is doing pretty good in that area, although it was in the country but the location and kind of business is really great. It is located in Franklin that has very nice bike trail and people would love to go there for a bike ride. The owner of that business won't have to deal with the daily stock picks because it is a privately owned business. We literally got a great deal with everything we bought today. Plus, my mother-in-law paid for the baby carriage and that was a big break in our budget. I totally recommend that place to some of my friends. The owner also is very nice and attentive to their clients needs. He knows a lot about bikes and you can also ride the bike to test if it's working well. I am so excited for our bike rides this week and summer.


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