Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Little Accident

Jake got a little accident 3 days ago. We went for a short walk just around the neighborhood and he had a big fall on the hill. This place is more on hills. You can't see plane ground around here. He was running so fast and can't control the motion when he was about to stop he stumble down. Joe was chasing him to stop him but it was too late. Jake already fell down the ground and scrapes his face. Gin, our next door neighbor felt bad looking at Jake's wounded face. Gin adored Jake and she likes giving him toys and stuff animals. We haven't seen her that often this week because her cousin died. She attended her cousin's funeral. The funeral costs won't be a big issue for them because I'm sure they have insurance to cover it. We really felt sorry and extended our sympathy and condolences to her and her family. Last month her sister died due old and then now her cousin. Two deaths in a year, that's sad. According to her, the wife came home from work seeing her husband lying on the floor not breathing. Anyhow, Jake was happy to see her again when we came home from school. He had been asking for her every time we were out in the porch.


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