Thursday, June 17, 2010

Safety First

The long awaited game of NBA finals is on tonight and I'm sure lots of basketball fanatics are excited to see who will win the championship game. This would be the 7th game between Lakers and Celtics. Who do you think will win? My bet would go for the Lakers and Kobe Bryant will rock the game. A reminder to all before getting hook up with the game make sure to lock the door even if you are inside cheering for your team. Most of our neighbors around her have ADT sign in their backyard. It is a home security system and I think you can get ADT monitored for free. It is an affordable 24-hour ADT Monitoring that you could get to ensure the safety of your love ones. You can check out for details. You can also find security system for you home and business by checking out This is the next generation of Brink's Home Security that offers state of the art home and business security. Whatever security system you are using make sure you have one of those for security purposes. Safety first should come in mind if we care for our family. I've seen news on TV about that old man almost shot a burglar who was trying to break in his house. Bad people don't care if someone inside the house. So if you are out make sure to lock the door and windows. You can read more tips on how keep your home safe from consumer reports. You will find interesting article that will help you on how to keep your home safe. So, if you plan to watch the big game live or watch it in your friend's house tonight, make sure you lock everything.


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