Thursday, June 10, 2010

Snooze Up to Energize

I got up way early today because of Jake. He got up early and went to our room. He was making noises that woke the little girl. I was so sleepy but I can't go back to sleep once these two are up. I didn't accomplish any job today because my body was not cooperating. I was sleepy and having a bad hair day. I have tons of things to finish and by thinking of them it makes me tired already. So, while the husband was watching his favorite basketball, I took an hour or so to snooze in our couch so I will have energy to finish all my task. It's past midnight already around here and I am still up. I needed that hours of sleep though to keep me up tonight. Husband don't have work tomorrow and we have plans of how we are going to spend the day. I don't want to have lots of pending task as it pressures me when think about them. I don't want them to expired either because I really need more extra $$$ for our future trip and expenses this summer or fall. Alright folks this is just an update of what I was up to today. Hope you will have a very nice day tomorrow. TGIF anyway.


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