Thursday, July 8, 2010

I Love Soccer

This was written by guest blogger Rohan James

On cricket ticket I get my daily dose of cricket. But the sport that I am a new fan of is soccer! It is a great sport if for no other reason than that the advertising interruptions are missing. That is simply great. Too many interruptions takes my mind off the play and I lose interest and contact with what is going on.

Soccer requires great skill and endurance, because it is big field that has be crossed back and forth. The players are in top shape. Without this system I have installed I would not see soccer so often. Many cable companies do not have a station that lets the viewer get a good fill of soccer games, especially the games from Europe. Some of the great teams that can be seen are Manchester United and Liverpool from the English Premier League. Liverpool lets the viewer see the great Rooney, who is always ready to gets some goals.

For a great price I get all the programming I can possibly ask for. No rain interference occurs like has bee claimed by the cable companies. Get yourself this setup and enjoy your Favorite Channel at a great price.


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