Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ready to Move

Thanks to guest blogger Taylor Lawson for the post.

I recently moved to a town just twenty miles away because it was much closer to where I worked. The best advice I can provide is to start packing early and keep at it. I slowly started bringing boxes home every day and filling them with the stuff I didn’t use every day. This process began approximately one month before the actual move date. By the time the end of the month rolled around the only thing I had left were several outfits and everything in my bathroom to still pack up.

I could start putting my stuff in the apartment six days before the rent cycle started so I brought a car-full of boxes to work every day. This saved me a lot of money because when the time came to make trips to my new town just to drop off boxes for the move, I didn’t have to make very many at all. One car trip and then another with the moving truck and I was all set. It was the easiest transition I’ve ever made.

When unpacking my stuff I did it in a similar way. I unpacked just one box a day, beginning with the most important. Somewhere between unpacking the kitchen and my first night there I had the alarm service Oxnard CA. The very next day I had the cable and internet taken care of too. I planned it out perfectly so I didn’t have to spend even a single day without working cable and the safe feeling I crave living alone.


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