Tuesday, July 13, 2010

We Need One Like This

This is not the first time I complain or write a post rather regarding our kitchen sink. As you all know few weeks ago we experienced major problem with our kitchen sink. It clogged up and any plumbing liquid won't work. So, my husband used the plunger and gladly it did works fine. It sounds gross but that's the only option we could think of to unclogged the kitchen sink. It's an old sink that is why we need Granite Kitchen Sink to make our life easier. Aside from that, we do not have some sort of dish washer machine. We do our dishes by hand and having an old single type kitchen sink is a pain in the neck. I need a double equal bowl sink to handle all our dishes and stuff. If you are planning to buy a new kitchen sink try the new undermount granite sink series made of 100% environmentally friendly materials with 80% Quartzite, and 20% Acrylic. This granite sinks are also coated in bacteria killing silver ions which kills 99% of bacteria on contact. This kind of granite sinks are scratch resistant, stain proof, and sound dampening. So, check out their website by visiting the link provided.


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