Thursday, November 4, 2010

Authentic Beer Steins Collectibles

October had just ended so apparently Oktoberfest is over. However, this doesn't mean to stop collecting memorabilia like Beer Steins in which beer aficionados show deep appreciation for great beer in a fine beer stein. They understand the stein characteristics and how the right stein truly enhances the beer drinking experience. My father is a beer drinker and he hid those beer mugs he collected from San Miguel beer corporation that they giveaway. San Miguel is a local beer industry in our place and sometime they give out mugs as promotional item. That beer mugs doesn't cost that much and perhaps no value compared to the traditional Beer Mugs that are made out of stoneware.

If you love collecting traditional beer steins then, you would want to check out for they have authentic Beer Steins with distinct and unique designs that you would certainly appreciate. Beer Steins are originated in Germany and traditionally made of stoneware. It has been collected and coveted by beer drinkers for centuries. Beer Steins are specifically ornamental beer mugs that are usually sold as souvenirs or collectibles. Authentic beer steins are also made of glass, pewter, porcelain, even some materials you would never expect to drink out of. So, take a look the several authentic beer steins like at 1001beersteins. You absolutely fall in love with their Oktoberfest Stein and learn its traditional design features as well as its significant. What are you waiting for?


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