Monday, November 29, 2010

I Love The Detroit Red Wings

Thanks for the guest post by Ricky Ramos

I absolutely love the Detroit Red Wings. Growing up in mid Michigan, this is the only type of hockey fan there is. The Detroit Red Wings were one of the six original hockey teams that comprised the original NHL. They also have more NHL Stanley Cup titles than any other franchise, with 11 titles in all. Right now, the hold the longest record in the NHL for consecutive play off appearances, with 19 straight appearances. Thats exciting hockey to watch! I especially love heading to Hockey Town, and watching my favorite team play at Joe Louis Arena. There is so much history in that rink, and every seat in the building is a good seat. Unfortunately, with my busy schedule, I am not able to make it down to as many games as I would like to, and this is why I am so glad I have an HD DVR. I never miss any of the action, even when I cant be there to see it all go down in person. I really enjoy watching the Detroit Red Wings, luckily they are one of the best teams in the American history of hockey, and they very rarely ever let me down.


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