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Roadside Attractions: Giant Paul Bunyan

The United States of America compose of Fifty States and Im sure if you travel anywhere these places you will spot interesting attractions along the road. Giant Paul Bunyan for instance if you ever make it to Bangor, Maine. Paul Bunyan is the most famous mythical lumberjack of all time that is a must to visit.

image source: Wikipedia

Bunyan, Paul, legendary American lumberjack. He was the hero of a series of "tall tales" popular through the timber country from Michigan westward. Bunyan was known for his fantastic strength and gigantic size. He is said to have ruled his gargantuan lumber camp between the winter of the blue snow and the spring that came up from China. His prized possession was Babe the Blue Ox, the distance between whose horns measured 42 ax handles and a plug of tobacco. In southern lumber camps a similar legendary figure is known as Tony Beaver.
Source from:Columbia Encyclopedia

Legendary giant lumberjack of the U.S. frontier. A symbol of strength and vitality, he is accompanied by a giant blue ox, Babe. He was credited with creating Puget Sound, digging the Grand Canyon, and building the Black Hills, and was known for his prodigious appetite, eating hotcakes off a griddle so large it was greased by men using sides of bacon as skates. Tales of his exploits probably originated in lumber camps, and were first published by James MacGillivray in "The Round River Drive" (1910), which soon led to a national myth.
From:Britannica Concise Encyclopedia

FUN FACT: At 34 feet tall and weighing 3,700lbs, this Paul Bunyan can withstand 110 mph hurricane force winds.

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