Saturday, December 25, 2010

Catering Services

One thing I am not really good at is to cook food. I totally suck at that area but I love to eat. Well, who doesn't love eating it's the only hobby that doesn't need any skills and mastery. Anyhow, Joe and I wanted to give Jake a birthday party last year but we had terrible time finding for catering services in our area. I don't want to invite friends and served them the food I cook. Joe look everywhere but to no avail he didn't find any decent food catering. There is used to be one up in Squirrel Hills but it was closed already. We decided to just give Jake next year a nice birthday party as we already found a good place to order foods. However, contact catering Richmond, Virginia if you are looking for delicious food and great cuisine to be serve to your guest. We all know that food always is the center of every party, gathering, special event and alike. So, don't waste time cooking for food, just call DeFazio's Catering Services instead and they will take care of everything.


Dhemz December 26, 2010 at 6:36 PM  

hahhaha....lami man jud ikaon...kapoy luto...mau pa sa pinas kay huwat lang ta ug!

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