Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Last Holiday With My Mother

Content by Sol Rosales

I remember during the winter of 2009, my mother and I sat by the window watching our first Chicago snow storm of the season. We made plans to get away from the cold to visit my elder sister, Mina, in Greenville, South Carolina. I giggled while mentioning how Mina brags about nice weather during the winter time. This year we would get a chance to experience it for ourselves.

My mother made final checks throughout the house to make sure that we weren't leaving anything behind the morning we were heading out to Greenville by road. She checked the stove, windows, and made sure to set the home security alarm (ADT Home security offers). When we were ready, we left the house for our 12 hour drive to spend the holidays in nice weather with close family and friends.

I always remember that trip with great detail. I can still recall the conversations and great smells from the kitchen. I never would have known that it would be the last holiday trip that I would be blessed to take with my mother. No wonder it was perfect. We reached our destination and made it back home safely. We had a memorable time with family and friends that we hadn't seen in a while. It was the best holiday trip I can remember.


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