Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rita's Time and Lego

We all complained about how unpredictable the spring weather. There were times it was springy but there were also times that feels like autumn or winter because it's cold. Then some hail stones rain occasionally and snow flurries in other states. Right now we even think that there is no spring any more, we just go straight to summer.

good thing those week that we got great weather we able to stopped by at Ritas, as our favorite Italian Ice place. Although, we never stayed long because raid had started pouring down.

On the way to Ritas this little man had spotter a Lego store. He likes Lego and he asked us to get him one but we told him to find money to buy. I also told him to just come back to that place on the way home, but in his head he already expected to buy one of this display. Indeed on our way back he stopped by at the place and even sat on the side walk begging us to buy him Lego. The cash machine did not buy him so we had to force him and carried him as he did not want to leave the place and rain had pouring down already.


Chubskulit Rose May 30, 2011 at 9:18 PM  

Maadik dyan ang aking Burritos hehehe... Thanks for the visit bading

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