Saturday, September 10, 2011

Wines as Gifts

Wine lovers, or to say the least, people who like to drink wines are indeed discriminating. Preference is always given to fine wine. They always demand for the best. For me, these kinds of people have already developed some sort of addiction towards wines. Although this is only my observation, but this is based on true experience.

I happen to know a friend who has a boss who is not only a perfectionist in terms of work performance but also in promoting full customer satisfaction. Her boss always believes that “repeat sales” is the best marketing strategy. That is why he sees to it that all our customers are perfectly served and that lasting impressions are well developed. So, how do they do it?

Aside from having a good product, their company gives excellent service and this includes providing extra efforts by explicitly conveying their thanks and gratitude to their clients. This comes in the form of giving wine gifts. Having a penchant for fine wines, her boss has this full array of wine lists to choose from. His all-time favourite are those from Sokolin, America’s premier fine wine merchant.

Wines from Sokolin are not only arguably the best but also reasonably priced. Perfect for those who are budget conscious. In addition, their wines come in elegant bottles that need not be wrapped if to be given as gifts. And not only that, it is so easy to book an order because it can be done online. With Sokolin, you get the value of your money through real deals.


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