Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Gadget Shopping

It was a total waste when we bought our old computer and other gadget such as headphones and webcam because we never used it. It was a mistake buying cheap headphones though because they don't work too good. If ever you're thinking of getting a headphone, try the AH-C710 headphones to make sure that it works superb. Anyway, that headphone and webcam we bought were worthless. The webcam don't have a stand so every time we used it we have to hold it. Don't ask about the headphone because it was really a total waste. We never used it and husband don't want to returned it because he just don't want to. There are different use of headphone and sometimes when you buy a cell phone, headphone usually included in the box. However, there is circumstances that some of the gadget that included in the box don't work really well. When my BIL bought his Blackberry cellphone, he also bought a new headphone, battery and case. After couple of years using the Blackberry he switch to iphone and gave the old gadget to me. Nevertheless, I am planning to buy a new gadget though and upgrade this blackberry to the latest unit.


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