Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I Need A New Partial

If you will be given the chance to change one thing of your body, what would it be? Well, I said to myself that I am happy of what I look but the truth is I was in denial. If I could change one thing of my body, it would be my teeth. I want a real pearly and perfect set of teeth so I have the confident when I smile. I grew up with so many insecurities. Physically, I look different among my siblings and parents in a lot of ways. I always mistook as someone else child other than my own family. That sort of discrimination made me feel insecure. I do not want to innumerate all my insecurities but my teeth is one of them. I never had a nice set of teeth when I was growing up. Then, back in college I made a wrong decision of putting retainer or breeze to my teeth for alignment and closing the in between spaces of my upper teeth. That cheap retainer which was done by unprofessional dental assistant causes my gum to bleed all the time. Apparently, I stopped using that said retainer and made an impulsive decision to have both my front teeth removed. It was too late when I realized what I have done. Anyway, wearing a partial teeth is not as pleasant and attractive as I thought it would be. Plus it is expensive too because you have to replace it every ow and then. As of now, am desperately need a new partial but I can't find a place to get it done. I found this website San Antonio Dentistry but too bad there is nothing like this in our area. The cosmetic dentist in their area uses advance technology to give their client a beautiful smile makeover. I wonder if they can also give a smile makeover to someone like me. So, if you live around San Antonio area and is looking for cosmetic dentist, then you should contact their office for appointment.


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