Friday, March 16, 2012

Trails, Buildings and Bike Riding

I think most people living in the north east are eager to enjoy the spring. Although, this year's winter wasn't that bad compared to the previous year because we don't get much snow and this past weeks, we've been getting fine weather.

Last Sunday, we went on a bike ride down at Eliza Furnace Trail that ends across the bridge up at downtown Pittsburgh. Other people, they rode their bike all over downtown, across the bridge going to the point state park. We cross the bridge and went to the this place where the trains are. The kids had a closer look of the trains passing by.

I took a good shot of some of the tall buildings at Downtown Pittsburgh.

We also made a stop at the bridge and had the kids stretched out and watch the mononghella river.

We hope to do the same thing this weekend. Jake love it while Justine prefer the playground but she enjoyed the ride.


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