Friday, April 13, 2012

Starting a Hobby

Collecting something brings a special sense of fulfillment. The earlier you start in life, the better because then, you would appreciate the value of your collection over time. Some items could be very expensive years after, so what you have could be considered “collector’s items” and would be unbelievably expensive.

I wonder if Jake could start collecting model cars? I was browsing through military models and they so look like the real thing! I was even tempted to make a collection of those myself! I guess Jake is too young to think about having a collection but I could encourage him to at least consider the idea.

Speaking of collections, I have not done anything to my postcard collection lately. I had been too busy about household chores to sit down and write a postcard to a friend. Sometimes hobbies really require a lot of energy, don’t you think so too? I have to muster all the energy I have to gain back that momentum again.


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