Thursday, May 17, 2012

Perfect Product for Gardening

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During our recent drive around Pittsburgh, I saw this garden and I couldn't help but wish that I will have a garden like this.  It has variety of vegetables and they all look healthy. 

Gardening requires plenty of your time and the right products.  I am glad that there are organic plant food that you can buy.  It helps to make sure that you can harvest ample fruits and vegetables from your gardening.  Gardening naturally is also possible through the use of Whitney Farms® products.

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Why Whitney Farms products are best for your garden?  The full line of organic plant foods and organic soil from Whitney Farms has specially protein-based blends.  These ingredients are essential for the growth of your plants and vegetables.  It also contains beneficial microbes. Their products are proven and trusted based on their 25+ years of gardening experience.

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The Tomato and Vegetable Food that you can see in the picture above is what I am using and I love this product because it is very easy to apply and no manure odor.  I am sure that my little garden will have plenty of produce which my family will love.

You too should try to use their products.  Visit their website for a $3 coupon which you can use towards your purchase.

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Verna Luga May 17, 2012 at 6:25 AM  

murag daghan jud moolah diring dapita dah .. sus sa pinas ani .. perting ka drought.. hheh.. agi ko Tsang !

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