Monday, October 29, 2012

Prepping for Black Out

How's the weather treating you guys? Well, it's been raining in our end and the wind is kind the like mean and freezing. Anyway, we received a warning about some Hurricane Sandy is coming and might hit some part of Pittsburgh. Doing some preparation as pre-caution is all we could do.

I hope this Hurricane won't destroy and cause much destruction in our neighborhood. So, as preparation for possible black if ever, the husband bought some candles and frozen food. He also checked everything around our house, put the car in the garrage and fix the fence.
Make sure to charge your cell phone too guys just in case of emergency you have a full bar phone signal ready to use whenever. Check everything like electricity, windows of your house, and put those important stuff inside like those chairs and table outside for safety purposes. Let us pray that this natural disaster won't cause so much trouble to us all.


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