Friday, November 30, 2012

November Wrap-Up, Welcome December!

Before we say Hello to December, let's wrap-up all the fun things happened in November. First of, we had the Halloween which basically the big and most awaited fun event for kids and adult alike.

The spooky and creepy decoration we usually put out every Halloween. The fall or Halloween party.
The trip to the farm and pumpkin patch. This year we skip on going to the pumpkin patch but Jake along with the rest of the pre-k class went to the farm. He came home with this little pumpkin.
We also took them to the Fall party at right here at our neighborhood wearing their costume.
And of course what is Halloween with out the Trick-or-Treat. They still able to come home with a half full basket of candies. Due to the Hurricane, the schedule for the trick-or-treat in Pittsburgh was moved. There were still a few kids trick-or-treating but not all the people or household in our neighborhood were giving away candies.
Last but not the least was the Thanksgiving festivity. We had a very simple Thanksgiving meal with MIL. Thanks to the easy to prepare meal in the box like this stuffing and mashed potato. We had ribs instead of turkey and that was it.
Now, let us all welcome December. Let's start counting now the days before Christmas and New Year too. Do you have any plans for Christmas and New Year?


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