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5 Top Storage Tips For Big Families

The thing about big families is they have a lot of stuff. The more you have the greater the need for a place to store things. For those families who want to make their household a little neater and much more efficient, clever and effective storage ideas are a must.

1. Vertical Storage

Image via Flickr by andthespies

Let's start with what is arguably the smallest room in the house. With a lot of people in and out, the bathroom is going to collect a lot of items quickly, necessitating workable storage. To begin with, think vertical. Install wall mounted storage hangers. Ones that attach to smooth surfaces without glue work best. They have trays where shampoo, conditioner, soap, shower gel and razors can all be safely kept. 

2. Plastic/Rubber

Image via Flickr by Gale's Industrial Supply

We used to stuff everything into boxes and try to label them. That still works, but I recommend a cleaner, more reusable option: rubber boxes and plastic bins. Bins work great for storing toys under children's beds. They can still be organized and slipped quietly out of sight. When kids are waiting to grow into the older children's clothing, they (the clothes, not the kids) can be stored in attractive looking bins, with lids that can be labeled according to sex, age and type. 

3. Books on the Wall

Image via Flickr by SIMPLY.MADE

The larger the reading population in your home, the more books collect and get in the way. A great solution is to visit your local hardware store and purchase pre-drilled kits which you can quickly assemble and attach to the wall. They make excellent bookshelves that take the clutter from the house and organize it off the floor.

4. Bigger Items

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If you're dealing with lawn mowers, kids bicycles, barbecue equipment, tools and seasonal items (think plastic swimming pools, skis, snowboards, etc.) renting a storage unit is great way to get things organized and stored away. Big families usually have a surplus of these items. Storing them in a unit can bring some much-needed space back to your living environment. Check out for information on storage facilities in your neighborhood. 

5. Additional Storage Tips 

Here is a list of some other practical applications large families can employ to store things away and create a little more space:

* Use collapsible fabric shelves for shoes, skirts, towels, etc.
* Hat boxes are useful for storing things in and come in different sizes and shapes
* Employ Lazy-Susan technology in other corners of your home
* Not enough towel racks? Use a ladder of rails with dowel rungs and prop against the wall
* Cleaned out ice cream containers are great for storing messy oil bottles in the pantry
* Use hooks and racks on the interior of wardrobe doors for belts and ties
* Use special wall brackets and mount your television on the wall
* Long term storage items do well up in the attic space

When you live in a big family you have to be creative, especially when it comes to storing things. Look around your house at the things you want organized and additional clever storage ideas may occur to you. 



Anonymous,  May 9, 2013 at 9:18 AM  

I love those ideas to make the house look bigger for big families to enjoy! I really like the book wall. I would probably give it a try!

Jerla Oh lalala May 9, 2013 at 5:58 PM  

how neat. i like that idea because it only means proper organization and decluttering the area to make it look tidy

Bless May 9, 2013 at 6:26 PM  

Having a lot of storage is really a must especially if we have kids. The bookcase on the wall looks very neat to have.

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