Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Autumn Hue

Gorgeous isn't it? This is the main part of autumn that you look forward to see. The changes of the leaves and trees. The different shade of colors that brightens the gloomy season. Some of us like fall season because of the mixture of weather sometimes chilly, breezy and sometimes warm. I like the beginning and mid fall because it's not that cold yet, but the late fall when you starting to feel the winter agh not liking it much. This beautiful Autumn hue of tree leaves look like leaving a promise that it may fall soon but it'll come back again and turning the colors into something this pretty is its last hoorah before welcoming the winter. I took this picture using my android phone on our way to Slippery Rock last Saturday. If i have talent in painting, nature would be the good subject and this would make a good painting challenge. Playing and mixing with the colors kind of fun.


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