Sunday, February 15, 2015

Blog Post #1 for 2015

Oh em geeee! Lazy much. Christmas and New year had passed and I just posted now my first blog post for this year 2015. I mean it's already February. I totally blogged out as in neglected all my blogs to the fullest. Well, after this post I am not if there's another one for tomorrow or will I be able to keep up. Meanwhile, it's kind of 2 months overdue to talk about last year but I'm gonna share anyway. 2014 I can say was kind of alright. We enrolled the children to the private school and I started working part time. It was pretty smooth and laid down. Although, last year I get tired all the time after work and that's when I started getting lazy and mostly MIA in all my blog. There were a few blogs of mine that I updated once in a random long while and there were some that were totally forgotten. There is also one blog review from last year which up until now hasn't done yet and I truly hope to finish it before the month of February ends. So, finger cross to me.


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