Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Features to Consider When Buying a Gun Case

Whether you're a police officer who carries a gun on the job, or you keep a gun in your home to protect your family, you need a good case. A case is the one thing that stands between your child finding your gun or a robber getting your gun before you do. If you leave one in your kitchen cabinet or bedside drawer, someone who breaks into your home may find that gun and use it against you. As not all gun cases are exactly the same, you need to think about the features that are most important to you.

How Many Guns Do You Own?

The number of guns that you have may determine the type of gun carrying case you buy. A simple case that holds just one is perfect for those who want to protect their homes. These cases are so small that you hide one almost anywhere in your home, including underneath your bed, in your bedroom closet or in a desk drawer in your office. Larger cases can accommodate six or more guns and feature padding inside. That padding keeps the guns from rubbing against each other to prevent scratches or accidental discharges.

Will You Take That Case With You?

Though some keep their guns tucked away inside their homes, others take those weapons with you. You might visit a shooting range to improve your skills and ensure your gun is in working order. Police officers and law enforcement officials sometimes transport guns to conventions and other events. Newer cases look more like luggage than traditional cases. Some even have wheels on the bottom that help you move those cases across the floor. Travel cases may have space inside for both your guns and any ammunition you need to carry too.

Are There Children Living in Your Home?

Parents who keep guns at home should look for cases with locking mechanisms on the outside. Locked cases prevent others from finding and using or playing with your guns. A basic lock box has a simple lock and comes with two keys that can open that lock. Other cases come with a keypad that functions as a lock and lets you create the code that works with that lock. You'll even find some that use your fingerprint as a key. Choosing the right gun case requires looking at the number of guns you have, whether you travel with your guns and whether you have kids at home.


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