Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Art Advocacy and Outreach

With the busy life trying to juggle everything in a daily basis we sometimes miss to see other important aspect of our existence and that is to help. Although helping people is not a mandatory and yet doing so make us feel proud. Doing good deeds always a good thing. Meanwhile, a non profit organization called Sing For Hope which mobilizes professional artist in volunteer service programs that benefit schools, hospitals and communities are doing outreach activity to young kids through art. Sing for hope have introduced different program to young individual to the arts, and art as a tool for positive social change. Part of the art advocacy is the hospital outreach and community arts program which provides support for projects that benefit charitable causes and enhance access to the arts.

It's amazing how these group of people continued to provide help to kids that have potential and use arts as tool. Arts are very useful medium to enhance the youth to social activities and transform lives and communities. You can also help these organization by visiting to their website and check out the activities, make donations, volunteer and get updated with their latest news. Sing for Hope generally brings hope among people especially to the one in need. So, check it out now!


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