Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Caring The Lucky Bamboo

My lucky bamboo have survived!

Now ..... Before

I separate the dead lucky bamboo stalk and replanted the other stalks in this big flowering pot. I also place this one inside and left the other stalk in a pot right in the kitchen window. The stalk had started to deteriorate and dried up. There were few little stem that I pulled out and place it in a vase with water. They started to grow roots on it but some of the leaves had turn brown.

I just realized after I read information about Lucky Bamboo from the website where I ordered a few of it that direct sunlight will turn the leaf to yellow. It says in their tips that, "Make sure you do not place the lucky bamboo in direct sunlight or else it will turn yellow and possible die." This statement describes what happened to my lucky bamboo before. The picture in the right was the lucky bamboo I had before i separate it. I was observing the lucky bamboo I had in the window that has direct exposure to the sunlight. Some of the leaves turned yellow already even if I always change the water.

Here are some of the tips I found at

Question: How do I care for my Lucky Bamboo?

LIGHT: Lucky Bamboo will do best with moderate levels of
indirect light. Do not expose plant to direct sunlight,
such as a sunny windowsill. The direct sunlight is too strong
for the plant. Lucky Bamboo should be keep indoors.

WATER: Tap water will be fine for Lucky Bamboo. If your tap
water contains high volume of fluoride, use filtered or
distilled water. To prevent the roots from drying, always
keep the water level at least 1" high.

NUTRIENTS: Only use plant food or fertilizers made
specifically for Lucky Bamboo such as "Green Green". Lucky
bamboo do not require any nutrients or fertilizers. It can
last for years with clean water. Plant food or fertilizer
can help aid the health of Lucky Bamboo.


Dhemz April 6, 2011 at 1:07 PM  

nice raba unta diay ug porma tong sa una tsang no...mau kay survivor...ehehehe...kato im gihatag...buhay na buhay!

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