Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Looking for Geeky Individual

It was couple of months ago when my sister asked me if I know someone who have knowledge with online stuffs and computer literate of course that is currently living in Cebu City. Her BIL was looking for individuals who are proficient in speaking and writing English, and who already know how to, or are willing to be trained on how to do computer related tasks for my business. The job is not about selling MegaMeeting video conferencing software or something related to that business. Basically, the task include the following but are not limited to SEO Reports, Bookkeeping, Writing Articles and Press Releases, Creating Videos for YouTube, Creating Presentations, Accessing Computers Remotely, Keyword Research, Setting Up WordPress Software, and others. It sounds like a very complicated job because the main office would be in the US but they're planning to branch out in the Philippines. I recommended one of my friend but not really sure if this business proposal had realized.


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