Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Free Stuff vs. Quality Brand

I love freebies, who doesn't anyway? This is not totally freebie item as I work hard on collecting codes. I just taking the opportunity to get rewarded with the stuff we buy and drink at home. Through the codes I collected it added to my points which was enough redeemed this handy iphone speaker. This small speaker can be useful when you are having a picnic with your friends and family and get to enjoy some music. Music is everywhere and add excitement to make the party fun. I like it but I would still prefer a real speaker and other musical technology, tool and gadgets like the one in most studio set up this thing called digital audio workstation or DAW. The DAW software will play a critical role in the overall quality of your finished product. It is a useful tool used from recording and editing to mixing and producing. So, if you expect greatness in your work then use great tools. Anyway, what do you think of my cute freebie speaker?


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