Saturday, March 5, 2011

All Insurance Covered

One of things I asked my insurance agent when I bought my life insurance was Burial Insurance. I asked because after he explained about the claim process, he mentioned something about how many days or weeks it would take. In that span of time, my worry are the expenses to be incurred during the funeral and I do not want my family to worry about it while the life insurance payout is still being processed.

I went online and found It did not provide me information about funeral insurance for seniors but provided a lot of information about different medicare insurance plans. Plans are available to cover the gaps that Medicare Parts A and B do not cover. There are even plans that cover Skilled Nursing Facility Care coinsurance, Occupational therapy and at-home recovery. It is a must read for those who feel their current insurance is enough.

So now I'm assured that whether it is life, additional medical, or burial insurance, I have everything covered.


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