Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fancy Scrubs

Don't you think nurses are more accommodating nowadays? I mean with their colored and fancy scrubs, they seem to be eye candy to any kid who visits the doctor. Even the mens scrub uniforms are designed with cartoon characters or boys' toys like planes and trucks. I don't wonder why the have such charisma over children.

Sometimes I'm tempted to browse through a nursing uniforms catalog just to see the latest designs and then show it to my co-workers at the medical office I work at. Sometimes, on a slow day, we also look at scrub uniforms online so we can suggest ideas when we're due to change our scrubs.

Though I am not a nurse, I'm sure it will help pacify the children who come over to visit when they see that there are a lot of us wearing their favorite character or toy. Having us all wear fancy scrubs in the office can add a little distraction to the kids especially those that are coming in for their shots.


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